Robert Neumann – 28-03-20

My dear friends!!

Times are hard and tense now for all of us, but for me it’s still a time of work and of memories.. I mean, mostly I try to keep myself away from the current unimaginable situation, trying to continue the ´normal´ crazy life as well as possible despite to the corona horror and to the total succumb of culture! Who’s to know for how long we’ll have to stem it. And you may believe or not, I’m quite successful in doing that!

But as you may guess I’m writing for another reason. You know I’m not that kind of chronic smombie wasting lifetime in front of a screen to share a pic of a breakfast looking on the pic better than on the plate! No. This my unbound and casual alternative to the common kinds of profiles and channels..

Today I'd like to start this blog to let all of you take part in what I’m doing (not in everything of course) and to share with you a few special moments.

So - welcome to Robert NOW!! 

And however, if it happens you agree with me, or you don’t, or anything else, let me know what you think, if you feel the need, and leave a comment below. I’ll be curious, how many freaks and lateral thinkers will reveal themselves.. 

Once again - welcome all of you!


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