Robert Neumann – 12-06-20

Finally back on stage

This week I performed for the first time since beginning of the lockdown in public. The Staatstheater Darmstadt started its program last week under quite extreme restrictions, 150 seats out of approx 1000. But nevertheless it was great to feel again not totally unnecessary, to share something in this extraordinary setting.. 

Even piano tuning looks kind of different

And that's the huge crowd of listeners!! Thanks, you're neither paranoid nor anxious at all - you're simply great. Without you there wouldn't be this strong message to others that we need to continue in any case. 

So sorry.. pic quality is not the best.

And finally an impression of the two recitals including works by Liszt, myself, Schumann and encores by Siloti, Rachmaninov, Griboedov..


Anand Krishna

14. Juni 2020

I am so jealous of the 150 people who were there! Wonderful repertoire and renditions.

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