30. September 2020, Robert Neumann – 30-09-20

Brand new quintet recording to be released soon

The worlds first recording of the quintet in c minor by exceptional 19th century pianist and composer Salomon Jadassohn will be released in a few weeks. 

We produced it in summer at the SWR with musicians from the SWR orchestra - during the lockdown, uncertain times, now the process of postproducing is finished. 

And you'll be the first ones to listen to - on Oct 17! 

23. July 2020, Robert Neumann – 23-07-20

1 to 1 concerts in the Steinway Gallery

Last week I played a couple of symbolic concerts powered by the SWR. The series called 1to1 concerts was established in April during the lockdown. 

In this extraordinary situation a single musician meets a single visitor. The visit itself is free, but you're encouraged to donate turn orchestra fund, established to support freelancing musicians in all the country. If you wanna find out more, click the header.

I did exclusively improvise in these short concerts. And here are some impressions.. 

03. July 2020, Robert Neumann – 03-07-20

New recording released online by SWR2

The SWR has recently released online the recordings we produced in Stuttgart last month. It's a feature including Beethoven f minor sonata WoO 47,2 and my piano sonata, Leviathan, from 2018 as well as some brief interviews with Doris Blaich. 

Click the header to check it. 

26. June 2020, Robert Neumann – 26-06-20

Recent encore - improvised copy of Rachmaninov style

Just wanted to share with you one of my encores from the Staatstheater Darmstadt two weeks ago.

12. June 2020, Robert Neumann – 12-06-20

Finally back on stage

This week I performed for the first time since beginning of the lockdown in public. The Staatstheater Darmstadt started its program last week under quite extreme restrictions, 150 seats out of approx 1000. But nevertheless it was great to feel again not totally unnecessary, to share something in this extraordinary setting.. 

01. June 2020, Robert Neumann – 01-06-20

Two Beethoven letters to Hummel

Ohne weiteren Kommentar möchte ich mit euch zwei Briefe teilen, die Ludwig im Abstand von kaum 24 Stunden an Hummel richtete. 

Alles spricht für sich.. er wird mir immer sympathischer! 

12. May 2020, Robert Neumann – 12-05-20

Composer of possibly weirdest but nevertheless ingenious Requiem turns 175

In 1887 Gabriel Fauré published the first version of his Requiem. A work for soloists, choir and orchestra with an unusual running time of half an hour. There's no Dies irae sequence, instead only its last words - his famous Pie Iesu. 
Finally he added the In paradisum, a text from the exequies. This seventh and last movement is to me one of the most beautiful pieces in sacred music ever written.

02. May 2020, Robert Neumann – 02-05-20

Master child

Most likely Beethoven wrote the three Electoral Sonatas at the age of 11. This conviction is based on a letter by Johann v Beethoven, where he told the Elector (the sonatas should be dedicated to) that his little boy was eleven - the letter is dated 82. They were only puplished at 13. 

26. April 2020, Robert Neumann – 26-04-20

Discovered mistake continuing in common editions of Chopin b flat minor sonata

Something crazy happened, when I recently looked up some details in Chopins 2nd sonata! There's no manuscript unfortunately, but instead quite a reliable source in the manuscripts copy by Adolf Gutmann from the year after Chopin having finished the sonata. 

20. April 2020, Robert Neumann – 20-04-20

Rec enigma

Do you know who's playing? 
And what??

Can you guess...

16. April 2020, Robert Neumann – 16-04-20

Imitation of baroque style by 33 yrs old Beethoven

The prelude in f minor is his only piano piece in an almost ancient style. Written most likely in 1803 it marks the period between 3rd and 4th symphony. 

Stuck at home, lurking round the house.. 

12. April 2020, Robert Neumann – 12-04-20

Grand Russian bass baritone Fedor Chaliapin † 4-12-38

Друзья мои, наш великий Федор Иванович Шаляпин умер в Париже в этот день 82 года тому назад. 

Мало кто знает, что он помимо пения ещё занимался игрой на виолончели и скрипке, поэзей и живописью. Сам Рахманинов считал его величайшим гением, которому по его словам всё под силу, за что бы он не брался! 

Вот я наткнулся на эту фотографию Шаляпина с посвящением 

Милому Александру Германовичу Блюму на память и с благодарностью за концерт 
10 Апр. 914г. Москва 

03. April 2020, Robert Neumann – 03-04-20

Recording music by ingenious C.P.E.Bach in Baden-Baden

Take a look at my working process during the recording session - enabled, supported and run by the SWR!

31. March 2020, Robert Neumann – 31-03-20

First in the world iPiano !!

Look what I discovered recently in Prague! That's a prototype of the next generation of Apple Music Instruments.

Incredibly pure and light sound.. I just wonder. Does it save the history automatically in your cloud??

29. March 2020, Robert Neumann – 29-03-20

Funny arrangement of a children’s piece by Kabalewski

Just a few days ago I remembered a tiny and cute piece for children by Dmitri Kabalewski. The little hedgehog. The ones of you who remember their first piano lessons, may know it.
And that's how it originally looks like. 

28. March 2020, Robert Neumann – 28-03-20

My dear friends!!

Times are hard and tense now for all of us, but for me it’s still a time of work and of memories.. I mean, mostly I try to keep myself away from the current unimaginable situation, trying to continue the ´normal´ crazy life as well as possible despite to the corona horror and to the total succumb of culture! Who’s to know for how long we’ll have to stem it. And you may believe or not, I’m quite successful in doing that!

But as you may guess I’m writing for another reason. You know I’m not that kind of chronic smombie wasting lifetime in front of a screen to share a pic of a breakfast looking on the pic better than on the plate! No. This my unbound and casual alternative to the common kinds of profiles and channels..

Today I'd like to start this blog to let all of you take part in what I’m doing (not in everything of course) and to share with you a few special moments.

So - welcome to Robert NOW!! 

And however, if it happens you agree with me, or you don’t, or anything else, let me know what you think, if you feel the need, and leave a comment below. I’ll be curious, how many freaks and lateral thinkers will reveal themselves.. 

Once again - welcome all of you!


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